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Do you want to know more about Red Vector Design? Well, how about we start by talking about you? Why are you here? Chances are you’re curious or wanted to get a better idea of what great design is. The great thing about where you are now, is that you get to decide how capable we are – rather than us just ranting on.

No doubt, by now, you’ve talked to a number of web design agencies – all who have their own offerings and own standard operating procedures. From the get go, we want to be honest. We’re not the cheapest service out there – nor do we want to be. Let us tell you why. Design is not some person sitting with a blank sheet of paper and drawing something. It’s a structured approach towards solving a problem or problems. These problems may be articulated or unarticulated. You may be facing a problem you didn’t know existed! There is no way to know unless we deconstruct your requirement to find out the different factors they’re made of.

“This all sounds well and good. But all I want is something simple.” – Believe it or not, that’s all everyone wants. Building something “simple” is much more difficult than building something that is hard to use. Think about it: Think about your favourite websites. Why do you like them so much? You may not even be able to say why you like them but what you do know is, they don’t aggravate you.

Great web design is not born out of whims. It’s born out of a very deep understanding of the real problem, the factors that influence that problem, usability testing, and prototyping. This helps lead to a product that balances out user wants and a business’ goals. This is what we do. This is how deep we dive into requirements that come our way.


This is what we do. This is all we do and we put a lot of effort into every assignment we work on. If this is sort of dynamic is something that appeals to you, get in touch with us and we would love to talk to you!



Design – Brand Identity & Web

We’ll take your brief and work our magic


Dev & Maintenance – Websites

Need to get your website developed or fixed? Let us help!

Marketing – Promo/Explainer Videos

Nothing tells a story like good old-fashioned animation!


  • Adobe: Illustrator, Indesign & Photoshop 95%
  • WordPress 90%
  • HTML 95%
  • Apps (Android, IOS and Hybrid) 95%
  • Git 90%
  • Drupal 85%


Website Design: Peepal Tree

Contemporary fusion band Peepal Tree wanted a modern and eye-catching website. We spoke to them and wanted to make sure that the end product reflected not only their brand but their individual personalities as well. We decided to mold the site around the various performance photos they provided us with, rather than make their photographs fit into an existing mold. They were very happy with the product they recieved and this project was even completed ahead of schedule! Check them out at:

Brand Identity Design: Novaeblu

Novaeblu is an up and coming import/export business with its headquarters in China. They approached us for their logo the result of which would determine whether they wanted us to handle their stationary requirements as well. We collected a detailed brief of their business as well as what kind of services they planned to provide. Once this was done, our head graphic artist got to work on a concept that would communicate quality as well as global import/export. What we finally presented to the client was something that they loved.

Website modification: The Loop

We’re particularly proud of this project. The Loop reached out to us for some modifications to their existing website in terms of look and functionality. What made this project unique was the fact that there were, in fact, a number of  websites and not just one. That’s right. We not only made aesthetic and functionality modifications but by virtue of the the setup, we used Git to push those changes from one site to the next. Needless to say, the client was thrilled with our work 🙂 Check out The Loop:

Brand Identity Design: Upstairs Downstairs

When this highly popular restaurant in Bahrain reached out to us to re-design their existing menu design, we were flattered. Upstairs Downstairs is considered one of the finest places one can eat out in Bahrain and we wanted to give them something simple yet elegant – something that looked pretty but was not over the top in terms of design. After a few minor modifications, they were very pleased with the final product! They then proceeded to give us their wine menu for revamping.


“Loved what the Red Vector team did for our website, they took the requirements well and turned into a complete product. Very pro-active and responsible. Highly recommended.”

Ashok Jaiswal

CEO, Ezeecube

“I worked with Red Vector on a few design tweaks for our website, and they understood my requirements very well and were able to execute everything smoothly. Will definitely be engaging them for more work in the future. Great job guys!”

Adele Wong

Publisher, The Loop

“Mr Chris Das of Red Vector Design came up trumps-first time. He had the creative and he listened and never gave me anything I did not require. Keep it up young man!”

George Cherian

General Manager, Upstairs Downstairs

“They helped us with our logo requirement and we were very happy with their professional approach and helpfulness. It is difficult to find trustworthy vendors – but they really did well!”

Amber Xiao

Partner, Novaeblu

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