How Effective Are Explainer Videos in the World of Marketing?

You may have a great service or product, but it takes a lot to communicate your vision and story in an interesting way. The way you present your brand to your customers and investors makes a lot of difference. A study revealed that a mere 90 seconds of effective presentation can get people excited about your service or product. How can people understand your offering? Show them the story -instead of telling them. Here’s where explainer videos come in.

Short videos that present your product are a great way to provide the information your audience needs and create your desired impact. Explainer videos should include the most important features about your service or product.

How Explainer Videos Can Benefit Your Marketing Strategy

Businesses are increasingly using explainer videos on their social media accounts and websites. This has become a crucial part of any marketing strategy to engage existing and potential customers online. The advantages of using explainer videos for marketing are too many to list. But here goes: visibility, character, showcasing creativity, engaging your customers… the list goes on!

Most senior executives prefer to watch videos

Your target audience may fall into the categories of corporate executives. A poll conducted by Forbes revealed that 75 percent of business stakeholders watch industry-related videos at least once a week. Half watched of these executives videos on YouTube and almost two-thirds of them visited the landing page of the marketer after viewing.

Better rank in search results

Websites that include video content on their pages are fifty times more likely to appear on the first page of search results. Customers tend to click more on video thumbnails instead of text links today. This results in more website visits that lead to increased sales for your business.

Explainer videos are easily shareable

Bulk text prevents most of the content from being shared across social media channels. Nowadays, people would rather watch than read. Once your explainer video is completed, you can share it across various social media platforms with ease and boost your chances of attracting your target audience.

Higher conversion rates

85 percent of customers are more likely to buy a product or hire a service if they are able to watch an explainer video.

Explainer videos make it easier for customers to get a feel of your brand

People can interpret text in various ways. An explainer video condenses complex steps and descriptions into a simple presentation, making it easier for your target audience to get to know your brand. Persuasive text may be good, but the combination of text, graphics and speech helps you communicate with your audience even more clearly.

Short videos are more effective at engaging viewers compared to videos that are 30 seconds to 1 minute long. You may even end up losing your audience with longer videos (Videos longer than 1 and a half minutes) Engaging viewers from the start is important since their attention span is short.

A lot of people aren’t big fans of textual content. Also, online shoppers find videos helpful when they are making decisions. Whether it’s to get an idea of a company’s personality or to know how a product works, videos are clicked at more often than text-based content. Websites with explainer videos reported higher sales compared to those with no videos – so don’t be left behind. With explainer videos, you can capture attention, clearly communicate your message and connect with customers.

Check out the explainer video we made for ourselves here